How to install the Konica Minolta PagePro 1300W Printer under 10.4.7

In my Storage chamber was a PagePro 1300W, which I used some time ago, so I tried to install it under Mac OS X. This was not easy. The good thing is, that the printer is supported by a "Linux" driver, so there was a chance to make it work. The following steps show, how you can make this printer running on your OS X Box. Remember, that this requires building the Driver with the Apple Developer Tools, so if you have no Developer Tools installed get XCode at and install them before continuing.

1. Build the Driver

First, you need to get the Driver developed by
Manuel Schiller from this location:
Unpack the driver in your Home Directory (Easiest way), open a Terminal and change to the Drivers Directory by typing:

cd min12xxw

Now build the driver by typing:

sudo make install
(Type in the Password, when asked)

The Driver has been installed now into

2. Install foomatic-rip and ESP Ghostscript

You also need to install Foomatic-rip for OS X and ESP-Ghostscript for OSX. You can get the packages (PPC Versions) from:

3. Install the required PPD File

This setup also requires a PPD File (Postscript Printer Description File). For this Printer you can get one at:

Place the downloaded PPD File in the following directoy:

4. Restart the Workstation

Please restart your workstation now. I do not know, if this is really required, but I needed to do it. There are reports, that typing the following in a console is enough

killall -HUP cupsd

5. Setup the Printer in OS X

This has been the most difficult part for me, I hope it works for you.

First make sure, the PagePro 1300W is connected and running. Open the "Printer Setup Utility" in the "Application/Utilities" Folder and press the BUtton "New Printer". This should bring up the following dialog.

More Printers
  • Now, please hold down the Command-Key (Alt-Key) and press "More Printers" (No clue, what the Caption of the button is actually in english). This should present the following dialog:
In this dialog, please select "Advanced" at the Top Popupmenu and in the Dervice Popupmenu your Printer should appear at the Bottom. When you have selected this, at the bottom appears a list, where you select the foomatic driver.

Please select the Record "Minolta PagePro 1300W Foomatic/min12xxw (recommended)" and press the button "Add".

Now the printer should be installed in your system.